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Dr. Adapa is a NRCME certified Medical Examiner, who performs DOT physicals as per Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Guidelines. At Advanced Aesthetics, Adapa and Agastya Medical Associates, we accommodate same day appointments for DOT physicals for residents of the Bay Area. Visit Dr. Adapa and Dr. Gautami Agastya at their practice in Tracy, California.

DOT Physical Q & A

Why are DOT Physicals Required for Truckers and Other Vehicle Operators?

DOT physicals are used to uncover or monitor any health condition that may cause a driver to not be able to perform their duties while they are on the road. High blood pressure, digestive problems, heart conditions, chronic pain, hearing loss, kidney disease, and upper respiratory conditions are all evaluated during a DOT physical. Any condition that is uncovered must be treated before the driver is cleared to return to his or her job. While most DOT physicals are good for a period of two years, companies and doctors may request the driver to return at the one year mark for a thorough review to ensure nothing has changed and conditions have not worsened.

What is Included in a DOT Physical?

During a DOT physical, the doctor will check all of the main body systems including, the heart, lungs kidneys, brain function, central nervous system, psychiatric conditions, and physical fitness. Vision and hearing tests are also included to ensure that the driver will be able to remain aware of what is going on around them at all times. A urinalysis will also be performed. This will show the doctor the efficiency of the kidneys as well as if there are any drugs and/or alcohol in the driver's system. The doctor will also check the driver's visual appearance looking for any outward signs of illnesses, including shaking, skin discolorations lesions, or anything else that may look out of place.

Are DOT Physicals Required Every Year?

DOT physicals are normally valid for 24 months or two years. If an individual has certain health conditions that must be monitored, the certification might be for a shorter duration. This allows the driver's condition to be monitored and any changes to their health noted. If a driver is in excellent condition and passes the physical with no potential health problems, they will not have to return for two years.


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