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At Advanced Aesthetics, Adapa and Agastya Medical Associates, Dr. Gautami Agastya is a Board Certified physician who specializes in internal medicine. The doctor offers many cosmetic procedures in her practice including Juvederm® and Kybella®. The facility serves the residents of Tracy, California and the surrounding Bay Area.

Juvederm Q & A

How Long Does a Juvederm® Treatment Last?

Much like other injectable dermal fillers, Juvederm® treatments will last anywhere from four to six months, in some cases, even longer. If a person has had dermal filler injections in the past, the treatment may last somewhat longer. Patients who are younger and whose skin has not been dramatically affected by aging may have results that last about eight to nine months. The health of the skin is one of the primary factors in how long any type of dermal filler treatment will last. If the skin is severely damaged, it may take more than one Juvederm® session to create a lasting, visual effect. The deeper the wrinkles or creases, the longer it will take for them to begin to disappear.

Does a Juvederm® Treatment Have any Side Effects?

Much like Botox® and other brands of dermal fillers, side effects at the injection site are usually very mild. Redness, skin irritation, slight warmth, itching, and tenderness to the touch. The area that is treated may also be extremely firm and tender to the touch due to inflammation and the soreness of the tissues. Most of these side effects are slight and should disappear within a few days' time. If for some reason the area remains sore or discolored, it is important to let the doctor who performed the procedure know what is happening and how long it takes for any pain and discomfort to subside.

What can a Patient Expect From a Juvderm® Treatment?

Juvederm® is a dermal filler. Its purpose is to help fill in areas of skin where fatty deposits and sagging skin has caused hollows or sunken areas to appear. Around the eyes, the temples, the cheeks, and the lips may all begin to appear as if they are losing tissue. As a person ages, the production of collagen decreases causing the skin to lose its elasticity. Fatty deposits also begin to dissolve, giving the appearance of hollows. The combination of the sagging skin and sunken areas of the face can create deep wrinkles and lines that make a person appear much older than they actually are. With one or two treatments of Juvederm®, the production of collagen increases, causing the skin to tighten filling in the hollow and causing the tissues to feel firmer and stronger.


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