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At Advanced Aesthetics, Adapa and Agastya Medical Associates, Dr. Gautami Agastya and her staff offer the diagnosis and treatment of many health conditions affiliated with geriatric and senior care. The facility serves the residents who live in Tracy, California and the surrounding Bay Area.

Senior Care Q & A

What Health Conditions are Associated With Geriatric Care?

The elderly are faced with a multitude of health conditions that may not begin to affect people until they reach an advanced age. Osteoporosis, the inability to properly digest foods and utilize the nutrients, osteoarthritis, are just a few of the physical health complaints that can adversely affect the elderly. Depression, Alzheimer's, and dementia are some of the mental or emotional problems that can add to the physical ailments they face. A person's metabolism begins to slow down as does their circulation and various types of hormone production. All of these conditions can begin to add up until a person is faced with multiple diagnoses.

What Health Conditions Do Doctors Commonly Look for in the Elderly?

Patients who are 65 years of age and older may begin to show aggressive symptoms of many common health conditions. During a patient’s yearly checkup, the doctor will look for a variety of illnesses that become increasingly more common as a person ages, including adult onset diabetes, kidney failure, glaucoma, bladder conditions, cataracts, dementia, arthritis, and Parkinson's disease. The digestive tract may also become sluggish, preventing the body from receiving the nutrients it needs to function efficiently. If the doctor finds any of these conditions, an immediate treatment plan can be developed to get the patient back on the road to good health.

Why Should Elderly Family Members Receive Yearly Physicals?

Elderly family members should have yearly physicals for several reasons. When a person reaches an advanced age, an illness can creep up on them rather quickly. Symptoms may be attributed to "old age" instead of an actual illness. A physical can help to uncover many illnesses in their earliest stages allowing for a more complete and individualized treatment plan to be put into place. The earlier an illness is detected, the better the chances for a more complete recovery. Annual physicals also help doctors to monitor existing conditions. Osteoporosis and dementia are two conditions that can progress rather slowly. Physicals give the doctor the information they need to monitor these health conditions and provide treatment solutions that will help the patient remain as independent for as long as physically possible.


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