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Dr. Ramada Adapa is residency trained, and Board Certified in Occupational Medicine. He serves the employees of the local businesses in Tracy, California, and the surrounding Bay Area. Visit Dr. Adapa and Dr. Gautami Agastya at their practice, Advanced Aesthetics, Adapa and Agastya Medical Associates.

Worker's Compensation Q & A

Can Work-Related Injuries be Prevented?

Many work-related injuries can be prevented. Teaching employees proper techniques that pertain to lifting or performing certain tasks can actually reduce their risk of getting injured while they are on the job. It is important for an employee to understand what level of fitness is required for them to fulfill the duties of their job. Many work-related injuries have to do with poor lifting techniques or repeated movements that can cause wear and tear on the joints. The risk of both of these common work-related issues can be dramatically reduced if the employee is made aware of proper techniques that will allow them to perform more efficiently.

What is Involved in a Worker's Compensation Case?

During a Worker's Compensation case, the employee must prove two things. The first is that an injury took place and the second that the employer is responsible for the injury in some way. When an injury occurs at the workplace or while the employee is performing their duties at a different location, it must be immediately reported to the employer. Once the employer has been notified, the injured worker should immediately seek medical attention. The employee should begin treatment as soon as possible to prevent the injury from worsening.

What Is the Doctor's Role in a Workers’ Compensation Case?

Whether the doctor is acting as an independent medical examiner or the patient's primary care physician, in a workers’ compensation case the doctor's role is to make an accurate diagnosis concerning the injuries the patient received during the accident. As an independent medical examiner, the doctor is paid by the insurance company, not the employer or the employee. Doctors who perform these types of exams are extremely thorough and may ask the patient very personal questions. The goal is to provide both sides with an accurate diagnosis to determine the cause and the extent of the injury. The doctor must provide a prognosis as to what problems may arise in the future and what quality of life the patient can expect to have.


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